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Guest Post: Daughter of a DJ

The Meyer Clan doing what we do best!

I’ll just come out and say it- I make a fabulous wedding date. I don’t know if it’s my penchant for dressing up, child-like desire for a sweet buttercream cake, or love of the dance floor that gives me the right to say this out loud without feeling misguided. Growing up with a father that also happens to be a DJ is, however, more likely the cause.

In my earliest memories I can vividly see the flashing lights, hear the latest hit song, and feel the crowd’s excitement when attending a party thrown by Times of Your Life Entertainment. Apologies if you didn’t sign up for the cute six-year old playing tambourine at your reception, that was me and I’m sure you are thanking yourself now. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a DJ for a dad? Free mixed tapes, impossible-to-get songs, and props for days. One may rethink this, however, when reverting back to a middle school dance and realizing that best DJ in town equates to Dad watching over your shoulder while you awkwardly dance with your pimple-faced crush. While it was always a given to me that anyone throwing an event would have a DJ present to coordinate, facilitate, and, above all else, entertain, that mind set wavers amongst varying groups. As I’ve gone through my twenties (and stroll into my thirties ::cough::), the amount of weddings I’ve attended and/or been included in is off the charts. Across the board, there has been a strong mix of both DJ’s and bands at these weddings, and while I am clearly biased, DJ’s simply add something that cannot be duplicated. Talk about efficiency- a DJ is your emcee, coordinator, and purveyor of a good time all rolled into one, handsome package! Oh, the band only plays ‘Thriller’ but you were looking for ‘Beat It’? No problemo. Maid of Honor getting cold feet pre-tear jerking speech? DJ’s make great cheerleaders. All in all, you’ve got an experienced friend on your side when bringing in TOYL.

So while this was a shameless PSA for my father’s company, I cannot express the fun time you will have when he or one of his DJ’s are on the job. And if you are in need of a date in a pinch, I’m happy to oblige for no less than two pieces of cake and a tambourine solo. Cheers!

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